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Show your customers some LOVE!

How to show customers love and the benefits you’ll both receive.

Importance of Customer Appreciation

Customers are the most important aspect for businesses when it comes to success, however customers need to feel ‘loved’ and appreciated by businesses in order to create loyalty and encourage repeat purchases.

Benefits of Valuing Customers

Customers that feel valued and appreciated are more likely to be loyal customers who could potentially bring in new customers for the business through positive word of mouth (Cubukcu, 2018). Loyal customers spend up to 67% more than new customers and it is 10 times more expensive to attract new customers than to retain existing customers (Ripton, 2015).

Creating a Positive In-Store Experience

When customers enter a business or a store, they should immediately be shown respect by receiving a warm greeting and a friendly smile from the employees within the business, this shows the customer that they are respected and valued within the business before any transaction even occurs (Ripton, 2015).

Continuous Employee Training

Training employees continually ensures they are always able to effectively deal with customers and solve problems as quickly as possible, the new skills both soft and hard enhance how employees develop trust, respect and empathy in all interactions (Sugars, 2011).

Post-Purchase Appreciation

Once customers have made a purchase its important to follow up with them and say thank you, this shows the customer how much they are appreciated. Sending a thank you note or gift personalised to the customer enhances their experience, email birthday messages also enable the customer to feel noticed and appreciated (Sugars, 2011; Cubukcu, 2018).

Effective Communication Strategies

Communication within any business is vital both internally and externally, therefore, communicating and engaging with customers is a great way to show customers love. Engage with customers by following up with their experiences, asking for feedback and deal with whatever concerns they have in a timely manner to improve customer satisfaction (Ripton, 2015; Sukhraj, 2017).

Customer-Centric Approach

Although all businesses may think they know exactly who their customers are its important to talk to the customers directly and find out what they would like and how to best solve their needs and wants, listening to customers makes them feel valued but delivering on what those customers wanted makes them feel heard and appreciated, ultimately leading to increased customer loyalty and satisfaction (Cubukcu, 2018).

Transparency and Open Communication

Customers also appreciate when the business is transparent and openly communicates with them, whether it is about new product or service offerings, a potential delay or problem with a purchase order or just some news that the business has to share (Kappel, 2018).

Rewards for Customer Loyalty

Of course, customers feel the most loved when they are being rewarded for their continuous loyalty to the business therefore, businesses should reward customers either by giving them vouchers or discounts for their continuous business such as a “buy one get one free” deal made personally for them (Kappel, 2018).

Loyalty Programs as Incentives

Loyalty programmes are useful tools to reward loyal customers by enabling special promotions or money back for all of their purchases made, loyalty programmes also encourage customers to keep going back to the business because of the rewards they could receive (Weintraub, 2012).

Managing Customer Expectations

Finally, customers create certain expectations about how they think the business interaction will occur therefore, it is vital that the business manage these expectations by providing realistic expectations through their advertising and promotions and ensuring they always deliver on what they promised to ensure satisfied customers (Patel, 2016; Sugars, 2011).

Crafting a Customer-Focused Strategy

In order to show customers ‘love’ businesses need to have a customer focused strategy where by they always treat customers with respect, the openly communicate with their customers, they engage with their customers on personal levels, the reward their customers and always deliver as promised.

Impact on Business Growth

Customers who feel valued and loved will more likely become loyal customers who spend 67% more than new customers, who could potentially bring in new customers through positive word of mouth and who will continue purchasing from the business bringing in more profits.

Customer Satisfaction and Business Success

However, it isn’t just about the business, loved customers are left feeling more valued and appreciated, they are satisfied with all business interactions and have a strong sense of commitment and trust to the business putting them at ease. Ultimately love is a strong way to grow your business and ensure customer satisfaction.

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