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eCommerce Store
Client provides car detailing products sourced both locally and internationally. Their aim was to have a website that would stand out in a very competitive market.
eCommerce Website
eCommerce Website
eCommerce Website
eCommerce Store

Detailer SA, a leading car care specialist, approached us with a vision – to elevate their online presence and streamline their ecommerce operations. Originally built on WordPress, their website functioned well, but lacked the functionalities needed for optimal customer experience and efficient online sales experience. The client wanted a professional website built and designed on Shopify. 

How we Completed the Project

The website was rebuilt from the ground up using the Shopify platform in which all product and customer information was transferred to the new website.

The Mission

The client needed a dynamic Shopify platform to showcase their extensive product range and enhance customer engagement. Our primary goals were:

  • Professional Website Design: Craft a website that exudes professionalism and fosters trust with visitors. This includes a clean, modern aesthetic, and a user interface designed for ease of use.
  • Advanced product filtering and search: Allow customers to easily find the specific car care products they need based on vehicle type, brand, or desired outcome.
  • Feature-Rich Functionality: Equip the new website with a robust set of features to enhance customer experience and streamline business operations. Features could include:
    • Detailed product information: Provide comprehensive product descriptions with high-resolution images, technical specifications, and instructional videos.
    • Account management: Allow customers to manage their order history and preferences through a secure account system.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Implement SEO best practices to ensure Detailer SA’s website ranks prominently in search engine results pages, attracting a wider audience of potential customers.
    Final Results

    The revamped Detailer SA website provides a seamless online car care shopping experience. Customers can now explore a comprehensive product range, benefit from intuitive navigation, and make secure purchases with ease.

    Additionally, the automated sales pipeline streamlines lead capture, allowing Detailer SA to nurture leads and grow their customer base.




    Shopify / eCommerce

    Type of Business

    Car Detailing Retailer

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    eCommerce Website
    eCommerce Website
    eCommerce Store